Curriculum Analysis Classroom Observation On Site Training & eCourses Projects Research Perspectives
Cognitive powered instruction for all innovative, reflective, and practical educators

Curriculum Analysis

Delve deep into how curriculum usage affects the instructional process and student learning. Curriculum analysis lays it all on the table in a detailed report filled with expressive charts, informative tables, and insightful narrative.

Classroom Observation

Explore instructional practices in the classroom through the lens of research based techniques. Classroom observation reveals the nuances and complex interactions between teachers and their students in a concise time line anchored report cutting across numerous key factors.

On Site Training & eCourses

Professional development to best fit your needs. Group training at your site for that interpersonal interaction and fluid learning experience; or, self-paced learning online flexible to your schedule.


Learnerati often engages in special projects with other educational groups to conduct studies, provide specialized training, or to monitor the implementation of various initiatives.


Learnerati researches the deeper connections between curriculum, instruction, and student learning on a continual basis. This sets us apart from most professional development providers.


A collection of informed opinions, topic explorations, and other education related writings. Perspectives often step out over the edge to offer alternative viewpoints.